Keeping your candidates preferences in mind

Companies who are putting the candidate experience at the heart of their recruitment strategy, are best positioned to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. But what does the modern candidate want? Here are three important pointers to keep in mind when designing a candidate-friendly application process.

  • Cut down travel time. Most employers ask selected candidates to come to their office for a first-round interview. However, travel time and costs can be a reason not to apply. Why not get online for a first impression?
  • Offer interviews outside of working hours. People who get invited for an interview often have to time off from work. Job-seekers who don’t have to take time off from work for the first-round interview are therefore more inclined to apply for the position.
  • Put the talent in the fast lane. The speed at which the selection procedure is carried out is critical in ensuring that the best people get hired. Remember that the best applicants have a choice between employers and are more likely to land a job with the employer that is the fastest.

So in summary, be fast and flexible both in terms of time and place.

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