Hiring managers and candidates have similar needs and preferences

Enterprises around the world are faced with an increasing number of interviews as staffing moves more towards temporary staffing and people on average stay shorter in one job. This leads to increased pressure on recruitment process efficiency. Application processes too often are still unnecessary inflexible and expensive. Hiring managers often suffer in the process since they are involved in the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process, the job interview. On the other side the candidates have their challenges too. Interestingly enough the preferences of candidates and hiring managers show some striking similarities.

Many hiring managers find it difficult to find time in their daily schedule to interview job applicants. Earlier research also showed that recruiters would prefer to interview more candidates if they just had a little more time. Most of them would spend more time on job interviews if they could schedule them outside of working hours. But not only the hiring managers have a general lack of time for job interviews, also candidates struggle with their limited availability. Because of that a majority of the candidates also prefer an interview outside of working hours.

The limited availability and lack of time for job interviews often leads to delays in the application process. Most of the applicants think that the first interview should occur within two weeks after their application. Some even regularly leave an application because another employer is able to offer a faster process. Therefore, a slow process will not only have a negative impact on an organization’s reputation and brand, but can also result in a loss of talent. Therefore both candidate and hiring manager are in need of a more efficient and faster process.

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