How to nail a video interview?

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Even in an economic downturn we see an ever increasing number of job interviews. The underlying trends are clear: more free agents, more part-timers and shorter employment periods. In order to get the same number of seats filled, companies will need to interview ever more candidates. This holds true even in the economic downturn of the last few years and with the global economy picking up steam in 2014, this trend will further accelerate. On the other hand, in many European markets the unemployment rates remain high resulting in plenty of competition around job opportunities. Jobseekers therefore will need to be competitive and on top of their interview game to land their desired job.

Technological developments are changing the way organizations set-up their recruitment process. Chances of being in an online video interview are increasing. More and more employers are using video to recruit talent as it powers their selection process with highly needed flexibility and efficiency. In view of this fact, we will explore how candidates can make the most of their video interview. We will provide candidates with a roadmap to support you in the preparation for your first online video interview in the three upcoming blogs of this series. In these next blog posts we will be focussing on 1) preparation, 2) the actual interview and 3) follow-up.

It is said that the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Start creating your own luck and stay tuned to make sure you’ll be ready to nail your next video interview! 

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