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To be prepared is half the victory. If you want to make a good impression on your interview, a proper preparation is of great importance. Even though you may not exactly know what to expect, there are several things you can do before the actual interview. And this is important for any interview, even the good ol’ off-line interview. We will have a look at research, script, set-up and practice. Your dream job is waiting, so let’s get started!

1) Research
Company research is a critical part of interview preparation. Well-informed candidates are in a stronger position to answer interview questions and are also able to find out whether the company matches their preferences. Start with taking a look at the company website. Use Google and Google News to see what information appears. Repeat your search on the day of the interview to make sure you haven’t missed any recent updates. Like or follow the company on Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to get extra information that you may not find on the company’s corporate website. Use your research to develop some relevant questions to ask your interviewer – By asking the right questions you can demonstrate your sincere interest in the job and illustrate why you are the right match for the position!

2) Script
Even though you don’t precisely know which questions you will be asked, you certainly can prepare some good answers to questions that are frequently asked. A quick search on Google will deliver these questions (and possible answers to you). As mentioned before, use your knowledge about the company to formulate some good answers to these questions and impress your interviewer. Write down some relevant questions that you would like to ask so you won’t forget them. For more tips about asking questions, check our blog ‘Why candidates should ask questions too’. Besides preparing you’re interview answers and questions, it’s also important that you’re able to articulate your skills and list your key benefits. Write out your personal value proposition and use them during your interview. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself, but at the same time don’t overdo it.

3) Interview setup
The third, but just so important, step of your preparation is checking your interview setup. You don’t want to find out that you’re webcam or microphone isn’t working just before your interview. Test your available technology and software in advance to prevent unpleasant surprises. Run updates and make sure your system is working well. You can conduct a sample interview right here at Consider things like the location you’re planning to conduct the interview in. Lighting and composition will have an impact on your visual appearance. Since we already discussed these points in some of our previous blogs, we refer you to these video interview tips for further information.

4) Practice and get comfortable
You did your research, have prepared the story you want to tell and checked your technical interview set up. Now it’s time to practice your video interview so you will get comfortable in front of a camera. Turn on your webcam and conduct some sample interviews so you can practice your interview skills. Take a look at your interview and see what you like and don’t like about your on camera performance. Be your own worst critic and practice, practice, practice until you feel comfortable and are ready to ace your interview. Click here to go to our training app and practice your video interview as much as you like!

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