How to nail a video interview | Follow-up

This is post 4 in a series of 4 blog posts.

Congratulations, the interview is almost completed and you did great! You went through all the preparation so the interview went smoothly. You also looked well-prepared and professional. Now all you have to do is finish the conversation and then wait anxiously by the phone for that second interview invitation or job offer. But wait a minute; don’t be too relaxed just yet! The closing and follow up of the interview are still all part of your presentation and therefor an important and final opportunity to land that dream job. In this fourth and final part of our blog series we give you some tips on the closure and follow-up so you can use those last few steps of the interview to your full advantage.

#1: Initiate the next steps
After the interview, your interviewer will start the evaluation process to determine whether you could be the right match for the position. It is good to have some insights in how the evaluate process will look like. Toward the end of the interview you can ask your interviewer a ‘how-and-when’ question like: ‘‘how soon will you make a decision on whom you plan to hire?’’. The answer on that question will probably give you some outline of a schedule. At the same time, you’re initiating the steps to transition the conversation from virtual to in-person.

#2: Follow-up
Now that you have conducted your video interview, the most important thing to do next is follow up to thank the interviewer for his time and attention. Use this opportunity to reiterate that you are truly interested in the position and company. This creates an extra moment of contact between you and your interviewer. Keep your correspondence short but sweet and make sure you send your follow-up email as soon as possible after the interview.

#3: Moment of truth
You did everything in your power to nail your video interview. After the indicated time frame for evaluation the recruiter calls in and now two things can happen. You either get the answer that you are invited for the next interview (or maybe even get offered the job!) or you will get a rejection.

If have made it to the next round or got the job, great! It’s okay to show the other person on the phone that you’re happy and exited about this news since it only proves that you are truly interested in pursuing this job opportunity. However, you should always stay professional so better keep your yelling and little dance of joy for after you hung up. This is not a radio contest where you have just won concert tickets.

If you get told that you have been turned down for the job it can be a real disappointment. Even though getting rejected is never a pleasant experience, it is important that you can cope with those feelings and react in a professional way. After that it is okay to be down a moment but don’t get disheartened. There will always be more candidates then vacancies. So it is totally normal that you can not always get the job that you’ve applied for. Besides, this isn’t the last job in the world. So pick yourself up. The right job is looking for you right now!

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