Check your available upload Internet bandwidth

According to Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report Netflix together with YouTube accounts for over 50% of downstream traffic on fixed networks. Video conferencing application Skype ranks #6 in upstream traffic. This demonstrates that we are globally moving towards a video-dominated Internet. The same applies to recruitment interviews with more and more companies applying online video tools to assess candidates.

Average Internet bandwidth across the Globe continues to grow, which is great for all video-based applications from popular video streaming sites such as Netflix to specialized video recruitment platforms like Cammio or generic video conferencing tools. We may however easily overlook the fact that for video recruitment and video conferencing, upload speeds are more important then download speeds. So when you are invited for your online job interview, make sure to test your average Internet bandwidth, but especially upload speeds. Here are 2 useful tips: 

#1: Upload and download speed
Speeds may vary widely by country and region. Always check both your upload speed and download speed for the area where you’re planning to conduct your video interview. You can check your available Internet bandwidth at

#2: Wifi and fixed line connections
Connection speed is measured on the device you’re using. The way your device connects to the network router may therefore affect the available speed. Wireless connections may fluctuate based on the strength of the signal. If possible, use a fixed line connection or make sure you are close enough to the router.

The average speed of Internet broadband connections worldwide is 16.8 Mbps download and 7,6 Mbps upload. For Europe, these figures are 22,2 Mbps down and 7,3 Mbps up, with countries like Sweden (41 and 21), Denmark (36 and 24), Romania (57 and 29), Luxembourg (34 and 18) and The Netherlands (39 and 15) ranking among the highest. To conduct a video interview online, the minimum required Internet speed for most applications is 1 around Mbps (up- and download). This means you will be able to conduct a video interview basically anywhere in Europe. However, not all bandwidth is created equal, so always check your connection quality in advance to prevent unpleasant surprises during your interview.


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