Automated or a-synchronous video interviews – what to expect

More and more organizations use video as an integrated part of their recruitment process. When conducting a digital interview as a candidate, there are multiple interview types that you may encounter. Therefore, we will dig a little bit deeper in the different interview types and give you some insights into how these interviews work. In this blog we’ll have a look at the automated video interview. In our next two blogs we will discus two other common interview types: live video interviews and the video CV.

An automated (or on-demand interview) is a structured way of interviewing where you can answer a predetermined set of questions with a video recording. Although you may encounter a different experience on different interview platforms, there are typically a number of components that you will normally come across in an automated interview workflow:

1) Invitation or open vacancy
In general, there are two ways to get in an online video interview. The most common way is that you’ve expressed your interest in a particular vacancy (by sending in your CV or leaving your personal data behind) and you are invited to conduct an online video interview. In this case you’ll probably get an invitation by email with the vacancy details and a link to access the video interview. After that you determine when you want to record your answers. As long as you meet the deadline, you will have all the flexibility to determine when and where you complete your interview. Across different platforms you may encounter video, text and audio questions. The video interview may also directly start after you upload your CV and be submitted with your initial application.

2) Recording your answers
When clicking the link and entering the video interview, your interview has officially started. In some cases you will first get to see a welcome message from the recruiter and you’ll need to successfully complete a webcam-test to make sure your video and audio are working well. After that, you may be asked any number of questions which you can answer with a video recording. It depends on which video platform is being used if the questions are being asked in text or pre-recorded video. Make sure to check maximum available answering time and number of retries (if any) before you start recording your answers. Please note that if you have the option to do a second recording, most often only your last recording can be submitted.

3) Submitting the interview
Once you’ve answered all the questions your application will be submitted and the employer receives your video recordings. Now your application is with the employer and out of your hands. Your recordings will be reviewed to see if you could be a possible match for the position and should be invited for a second interview. Fingers crossed!

What about my privacy?
When the organization uses a specialized and professional video recruitment platform you should expect a high level of data privacy and security. Most often the terms and conditions under which the interview takes place are clearly stipulated in a disclaimer.

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