Live video interviews – what to expect

Following on our previous blog about automated video interviews, today we will discuss another popular video interview type: the live video interview. We will provide insights into how these interviews work and what to expect from the live interview workflow. After reading this blog post you can focus your attention on the conversation rather then the format.

A live interview basically is a to-way conversation between the candidate and the interviewer. You simply connect face-to-face with the interviewer via webcam at a pre-arranged time and date. The interview actually resembles an on-site interview except for the fact that you have a screen and webcam between you and your interviewer. The big difference is that you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can conduct the interview from the comfort of your own home! In a live interview you will probably encounter the following workflow components:

Congratulations: You’re invited
An invitation to a live online job interview means you have successfully made it through the first phase of the selection process. You will now have a chance to present yourself in a face-to-face conversation with the recruiter or the hiring manager. When scheduling the live interview make sure you plan enough time to get comfortable for the interview and don’t have to rush into it. Once  scheduled, you will receive an invitation email with the vacancy details and a link to access the video interview at the agreed date and time.

Getting ready
Make sure that you have checked your Internet connection, have access to a webcam and use a fairly recent browser. Most digital interview platforms will support older browsers, but performance may be impacted if you use a browser that is old enough to have seen the introduction of the Euro. When clicking the invitation link you will go to a branded landing page where you may be welcomed with a video message and the opportunity to watch videos or testimonials on the company. You will probably be required to do a test recording to make sure your audio and video settings work.

Meeting your interviewer… online
After the test you will enter a virtual waiting room where you have to wait till the interviewer is also ready to start the interview. Once both are present, the interviewer will start the interview. If the video platform has a video recording feature available, the interviewer will ask you to agree with a recording of the interview for evaluation purposes later on in the process. Your video can then also be shared to internal stakeholders. There may also be guests present in case you have been invited for a panel interview.

 Your interview is completed
Once the interview is finished you can close your Internet browser and the interviewer will automatically receive the interview recording to evaluate and compare with other candidates. Now you will just have to wait and see if you have made a good enough impression to get invited for a second round interview. Your second interview may also be online, but most often at this stage you will be invited to the company offices.

What about my privacy?
When the organization uses a specialized and professional video recruitment platform you should expect a high level of data privacy and security. Most often the terms and conditions under which the interview takes place are clearly stipulated in a disclaimer.

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