Video CV – what to expect

To complete our blog series on what to expect from different types of video interviews, we will have a look at the Video CV. 

A Video CV is a short video presentation created by a candidate to present him- or herself to a future employer. Candidates can describe their individual’s skills and qualifications but can also showcase their abilities (soft-skills), something that would not be possible in a traditional paper resume. It allows candidates to stand out and get noticed by prospective employers earlier. Take a look at this Video CV from a PR practitioner in the UK:

In general, there are two ways of going down the video resume route:

1) Create it yourself (pro-active)
If you really want that job, show the employer all you have got and create a video. The video CV can assist you in marketing yourself to prospective employers and giving yourself a competitive edge over rival candidates. You are the brand you are selling! Your Video CV should be the entry ticket to the next round of the hiring process. Script what you want to say and how you want to say it. Go for the best result. Make sure lights are perfect, audio is perfect and setting is perfect. Did I say go for perfect? Yes, I did. Make sure you are well prepared before you start creating your video resume. Check out our tips about video interviewing and review Video CV’s on YouTube (there are plenty out there) to see what works and what doesn’t.

2) The employer asks you to record a video (reactive)
More and more companies ask their applicants to submit both résumé and a short presentation video when applying for a job. With a professional video recruitment platform you will be invited to record your CV on a branded video interview platform within a specific time frame. You may start your process with a welcome message from the recruiter and you’ll need to successfully complete a webcam-test to make sure your video and audio settings are good.  After that, you will be asked to answer (video, audio or text) questions with a recording, sometimes even complemented with a short e-assessment. Make sure to check if you are allowed to redo your recording or if you have to get it right in one go. Since you are following a standard question script, try and make the most of every single answer. Do not be afraid to repeat yourself but at the same time try to be concise and to-the-point. Start with your answer and then elaborate. Not the other way around!

In any case make sure to prepare for the most important questions. You can find them on our website or simply Google for standard job interview questions. Be prepared and not surprised! Good luck with your job interview. The right job is waiting for you.

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