Selecting the right employer to fit you!

In our previous blog we talked about the fact that employers are increasingly looking at personality and cultural fit when recruiting new talent. At the same time, with the pressure (or excitement) of finding a new job, many candidates tend to forget that it is equally important to look critical at the company they are applying for if there is a cultural fit. There is nothing worse then being in a new job to find out that this is not a company where you can feel at home.

We can safely say that we spend a considerable part of our lives at work. Moreover, for most of us work is about much more than just being able to pay your bills. Many of us look for a job that matches our self-identity, offers us a sense of fulfilment and brings us opportunities for personal growth. Since our jobs feeds into many different aspects of our lives, it is important to investigate whether the company’s culture and working environment would also be a good fit with your personality, lifestyle and goals. Hiring processes can be time-consuming and since you can only spend your time once, you will want to get a sense of the company’s culture as early in the process as possible.  
Assess the company culture right from the start
Do some homework even before you submit your resume or express your interest in a certain job. Have a look at the company’s corporate and career site to get a general image of the organization. Also check out the company’s social media pages to gather more insights – like (team)pictures, employee profiles and current developments or projects. Just get a first look and feel on the company so you can estimate if this could be a company you would like to work for before you’re going to spend time on applying. A good starting point is where you will get a look behind the scenes with reviews from current and past employees.

The interview
More and more employers are using online video interviews for first-round screening since it offers them a possibility to get a good impression of the candidate early in the process. An online video interview also offers you a way to collect more valuable information about the company’s culture even though you’re still in the pre-screening stage of the process. And even better, you can do it right from the comfort of your own home!

A live online interview offers you the best opportunity to assess your fit in the company culture. You can directly interact with your interviewer and ask him question about the job, company and company culture. Also pay attention to indicators like the interview structure, clothes and apparel as well as tone of voice of your interviewer. It could tell you a lot about the working environment! In case of an automated video interview you won’t have the possibility to ask questions but you can still collect a lot of valuable information from it. For example by looking at the kind of questions you are being asked. Is the interviewer dressed formal or is he more casually dressed? Maybe you see something of the office in the background?

Collect and combine all the different information, impressions and experiences to assess your fit in the company’s working environment and culture. Could there be a good match or are there any red flags? Make sure you are a fit before you get spend your valuable time!


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