Get yourself noticed, create a video CV!

The number of employers that are using video to recruit talent is rapidly increasing as it powers their selection process with highly needed flexibility and efficiency. This means that the chances of getting invited for an online video interview are increasing. This is to the benefit of the candidate since a video interview offers you the opportunity to not only demonstrate your skillset but also put a face to your CV. At the same time, there are still a lot of companies that haven’t made the step to integrate video within their recruitment process. What if you want to apply with a company that isn’t using video interviews yet, but you still want to be able to best present yourself? In this case, creating a video CV could be a good solution!

A video resume is a short video presentation that supplements (or sometimes even replaces) a traditional resume. With a video CV you can describe your individual skills but also showcase your personality. In many aspects a video CV will give a better and more complete picture of who you are when compared to a traditional resume. It is a great way to market yourself to prospective employers and get noticed in the crowd of applicants. We will discuss 5 tips and tricks to help you create a positive and professional video presentation.

 Tip #1: Keep it short
Your video resume will be watched during the screening process so don’t create a feature film. Recruiters will usually scan your CV in under a minute, so keep your video equally short. Believe me, you can already say a lot in only 60 seconds! Think of it as your own personal teaser trailer. An add-on to your resume and a glimpse of your ‘professional movie’.

Tip #2: Establish the right setting
Your CV is the employer’s first sight of you so make sure it’s a good one. Dress and act professionally. Go for a simple background without any interfering factors so the employer can concentrate on only you. Make sure you have a clean background with no mess behind you.

 Tip #3: What’s your key message or USP?
Prepare and practice your personal pitch and make sure it includes your unique selling proposition. Don’t read out your resume, but decide on 2 or 3 things you want the employer to remember about you. Give concrete examples and results with every key message and don’t be afraid to summarize.

Tip #4: Mind your body language
Be aware of what your body language is telling about you. Don’t move around too much as unnecessary movements can be distracting and make you look nervous. Just keep your arms and hands by your side and try to maintain eye contact with the camera. Try to have an open and friendly expression with a smile once in a while.

Tip #5: Be positive and be yourself
Have a positive attitude and show your enthusiasm. Remember, one of the main benefits of a video CV is that you can show your potential future employer who you are. Be your ‘professional self’ and show them why your personality would be the perfect fit for the job and company culture. Deliver your energy in the camera!

You’re ready. The great thing about this method is that you can do as many dry runs as you want and need. Show the result to your friends and ask them to be critical. This is your moment to shine!


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