Landing your dream job as a graduate

The job market for grads is not easy these days. Young people are having hard times finding a job and throughout Europe youth unemployment rates are still high. Luckily different researchers and analyst assure us there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to a study by Incomes Data Services, UK employers expect to hire 18% more graduates in 2014. A significant increase compared to the 4,3% rise of 2013. As the economy is picking up steam again, it is expected that the demand for young employees will rise again allowing employers to leverage the innovation energy of younger generations.

Despite the positive trend in graduate hires, there is a large supply of graduates looking for a job. The number of graduate applicants per vacancy is still extremely high (on average 60 applicants per vacancy in 2013). A fast growing proportion of employers is utilizing new recruiting technologies such as video interviewing, in order to deal with these high numbers of candidates, especially in the area of graduate recruiting. Therefore graduates should prepare themselves for a high likelihood to present themselves in a video interview. In this blog post we will give you some practical tips and advice to prepare yourself and convince the recruiter that you are the right match for the company and the offered position.

Highlight your soft skills
Employers are increasingly looking at personality and soft-skills as an indicator of future job performance. The National Association of Colleges and Employers surveyed employers about their top priorities in new hires and indicated that today’s employer wants candidates who are team players, problem solvers and can plan, organize and prioritize their work. At the same time, these soft skills appear to be the area with the biggest gap when it comes to young employees. A survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College finds that more than 60% of employers say graduate applicants lack “communication and interpersonal skills’’.

A video interview makes it possible to not only ‘advertise’ your hard-skills but also allow you to present your personality. Make sure you use that opportunity and show them that both your soft- and hard skills match the job profile.

Be proud of being Gen Y
Generation Y is characterized as being confident, tech-savvy, ambitious and achievement-oriented. These common traits are for many organizations the main reason to embrace younger generations in the work population. The innovative energy, fresh perspectives and different vision of workplace expectations that they bring with them helps organizations to challenge the status quo, harness innovation and adopt to the rapidly changing markets in which they operate. You can use this knowledge to your benefit by emphasizing that you will bring these typical skills to the workplace and add value to the company.

Show confidence in your interview by giving focused answers and display your youthful energy and enthusiasm. Make sure you are well prepared and have a career path to discuss. Be respectful, pro-active and show that you are really passionate about the job. 

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