Video Pitch – Your golden ticket to an attention-grabbing application

A video pitch is a 30 seconds bundle of potential, personality and added value. Basically it is a 30 seconds video in which you can quickly introduce yourself, talk about your motivation or elaborate on a skill or experience mentioned in your CV. Thinking a step further, a video pitch is an extra opportunity for you to impress and convince your future employer. This takes you a small amount of time and can result in something big! You’ll find out in this blog why you should invest 30 seconds of your time and how this video will boost your application. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should create a video pitch and add it to your application.

1) You can stand out from the crowd and impress your future employer
By adding your 30 seconds pitch to your application, you impress from the first moment on. Still just a small number of applicants are using video pitches; therefore your application will be outstanding early in the screening process. To attract attention early in the process is a big advantage in a vast pool of diverse talents. The 30 seconds pitch enables you to leave a different and more personal impression by simply adding personality to your CV.

2) You can showcase your personality and let it shine
With a bit of preparation or even spontaneously you can create a very personal and unique presentation of yourself, your personality and your motivation. Being in an environment you are used to, which makes you feel comfortable and maybe even secure in what you are doing, results in a confident, calm and positive impression. You can decide what you want to highlight, what you want to say and how you are going to present it. This enables you to present yourself in a positive light, in which people should get to know you. To get more tips and tricks about creating the perfect pitch, check out this blog:

3) You can advertise your social skills and abilities
Instead of explaining your social skills or pointing out your soft skills on paper, you have 30 seconds to actually show your abilities. The video pitch enables you to show your future employer that you are a social and open person. A lively, calm and competent presentation will let the social skills on your CV come to life. In addition, you can use the 30 seconds on camera to show your future employer your motivation and passion for the job. This pitch enables you to show your potential employer who you really are and gives you and edge over the other candidates.

These 3 reasons showed you why you should use video pitches to boost your application. Impress your future employer with your personality, social skills and your motivation alongside a well-written gap-free CV. It takes you 30 seconds to record the video, which you can attach to your online application or your social media profile. Let people get a well-rounded, personal impression of your motivation and personality! Happy recording!

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