I’m having problems activating my webcam. What can I do?
Please make sure to close all programs using your microphone or webcam. Check if the video interview platform that is being used requires a plugin (Adobe Flash for example) and that the plugin has been installed in your Internet browser. You can check for Adobe Flash updates by clicking here.

I do not have a webcam. What can I do?
All video recruitment platforms require a working webcam and most computers already have one built-in. If your computer does not have a webcam, you may find one from online retailers such as Amazon or Radioshack.


Audio and video

I can not see my image in the video window. What can I do?
Please check if your webcam is activated. If your webcam is activated, please note that your webcam can only be used by one program at the time and may be in use by another program already. Make sure to close all programs that might use your webcam and close all browser windows. After that, please try again to access your interview.

I am unable to hear audio when looking back my test recording. What can I do?
Please check the microphone volume in your system settings. Please note your computer may have multiple microphones available. Right-click the player window to select a different microphone in the settings menu. Please also check your input volume settings on your computer.

How can I access my webcam preferences?
Accessing your webcam preferences can be done by right-clicking the mouse on the webcam / video image in the centre of the screen. It will allow you to select microphone and change volume for example.

How do I give Adobe Flash Player access to my microphone and webcam?
When conducting your test recording an automatic pop-up window will appear where you can allow access to your microphone and webcam. If no such window appears, right-click your mouse on the video screen to allow Adobe Flash Player access. Please make sure no other program is using your microphone or webcam at the same time. Sometimes Google Chrome users will also need to give access in the menu bar on top of their screen.


Internet connection

What is the minimum Internet bandwidth required to conduct a video interview?
Video does require more bandwidth when compared to other Internet applications. Most applications require Internet speeds of  1 Mbps or more (up- and download). Please note that live interviews require more bandwidth then automated interviews.

How can I check my available Internet bandwidth?
You can check your available Internet bandwidth at popular sites such as www.speedtest.net.

I am using a WIFI connection. Does that work?
WIFI connections may be less stable when compared to LAN connections. When available we advise you to use a fixed line connection rather then a WIFI connection to ensure minimal fluctuations in bandwidth.


Tablet and smartphone

 Can I conduct my video interview on a tablet or smartphone?
If you are invited for a Google Hangout, Facetime or Skype interview, you will be able to use your tablet or smartphone. Most specialized video recruitment software providers require you to conduct your interview from your PC.