About How To Video Interview
Howtovideointerview has been developed by Cammio for recruiters and candidates who are seeking more information on video recruitment. First-round introductions through webcam provide many advantages for both recruiter and candidate. At the same time, video interviews are still an entirely new experience for many people. As the leading provider of online video recruitment software, Cammio wants to contribute to the further education of users, no matter which video recruitment platform is being used in their application. On www.howtovideointerview.com visitors can practice their interview skills, find relevant research and get useful tips & tricks to prepare for their online job interview. Prepared candidates will be able to focus more on the content of the conversation and less on the form. This allows them to better present themselves and make a great, lasting impression.

About Cammio
Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment & assessment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. Cammio uniquely combines live, automated and video pitch interviews within one integrated platform that is easy and fun to use for both candidate, recruiter and hiring manager. Organizations from all over the world rely on Cammio to power their daily search for the best candidate while reducing recruitment cost and time-to-hire. Simply interview and value great candidates around the world through your web browser. No Talent To Waste. Hire better candidates, faster with Cammio! Visit www.cammio.com for more information.