Video Interviews

More and more organizations and candidates discover the benefits video in recruitment. No matter where you are in the world, you may only be a couple clicks and a webcam away from doing a job interview. Employers using webcams to conduct first round screening interviews online are able to meet more candidates and shorten their time-to-hire. At the same time candidates can present themselves in a personal interview at a time that is more convenient to them. Here are some flavors that you may encounter when going for a video interview as a recruiter or candidate:

Automated or on-demand interviews
With automated or on-demand interviews recruiters invite candidates to answer a pre-recorded set of questions. Candidates record and submit their answers via webcam before a certain deadline. The employer receives the video recordings and will use them in combination with a résumé to select the best candidates for the next round.

PRO: Since all candidates get to answer exactly the same questions, giving them an equal opportunity and allowing recruiters to compare candidates well.

CON: The interview structure is pre-determined and does not allow candidate to ask questions to the recruiter or interviewers to ask follow-up questions.

Live video interviews
With a live interview employer and candidate connect face-to-face via webcam at a pre-arranged time and date. There may even be additional guests present for a panel interview. The live interview by nature is more organic allowing both candidate and interviewer an interaction free-flow. The interview can be recorded and is used for evaluation purposes.

PRO: This interview offers true two-way interaction with the added benefit of being able to both log in from a different place (no travel) and have a recording.

CON: Every interview will be different since a live interview does not follow a fixed structure. This may make it harder to compare candidates with each other.

Video CV
More and more candidates submit both résumé and short presentation video when they apply for a job. It allows them to stand out of the crowd and get noticed earlier. They can also better show their soft skills that may be harder to present in your résumé or with a photograph. Very often it takes the form of a short personal video pitch.

PRO: A video CV is a relatively easy and original way to show more of you then can be put in a résumé only. You are the director, so do as many retakes until you are 100% happy!

CON: If you are a bit camera shy or may be applying with a very traditional company, you may choose to go the old-fashioned way. Just send in your resume.