Spice up your resume with personality

As more and more employers are using video interviews to recruit talent, candidates are offered the opportunity to not only promote their hard-skills but also their soft-skills! Employers are increasingly looking at personality and cultural match as an indicator of future performance. The reality is that yesterday’s skills (that’s what you tend to put on a resume) or even today’s skills may not be relevant anymore tomorrow in our fast-changing world. So what are employers looking for in candidates these days? In this blog we give you some useful information to spice up your interview with your personality!  Read More

Check your available upload Internet bandwidth

According to Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report Netflix together with YouTube accounts for over 50% of downstream traffic on fixed networks. Video conferencing application Skype ranks #6 in upstream traffic. This demonstrates that we are globally moving towards a video-dominated Internet. The same applies to recruitment interviews with more and more companies applying online video tools to assess candidates.

Average Internet bandwidth across the Globe continues to grow, which is great for all video-based applications from popular video streaming sites such as Netflix to specialized video recruitment platforms like Cammio or generic video conferencing tools. We may however easily overlook the fact that for video recruitment and video conferencing, upload speeds are more important then download speeds. So when you are invited for your online job interview, make sure to test your average Internet bandwidth, but especially upload speeds. Here are 2 useful tips:  Read More

Optimize your resume

Optimize your CV: the best and worst resume terms

Back in the olden days when you sent printed copies of your CV to specific companies, your CV served as your sole personal marketing toolkit and the very first opportunity you had to make an impression on a prospective employer.  Today the focus has begun to shift from what you are on paper to who you are in life and if you are a cultural match to company.   It is for this exact reason that innovative solutions like video recruitment are rapidly gaining momentum across industries. Video recruitment is allowing candidates to have the opportunity to add some personality to their CV and make a first impression beyond a single piece of paper. That being said, neither is exclusively important and candidates should put effort into both. Recruiters still want to have your CV complementary to your video interview, so it is critical that your CV is strong. Read More

Body language

Let your body language do the talking

People get first impressions not only by what you say, but even more so on your non-verbal communication. Research has indicated that your body language communicates more to another person than what you say or your tone of voice. In fact, 90% of information that reaches the brain is visual, which explains why people tend to form first impressions so quickly. You don’t need to say that much to give a first impression. As body language has a large effect on the interviewer’s first impression and perception of you, you want to use these nonverbal-impressions to your advantage. Being aware of your body language can result in an immediate improvement and help you to get the job. In this blog we will provide you with some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when going for an online video interview. Read More


Landing your dream job as a graduate

The job market for grads is not easy these days. Young people are having hard times finding a job and throughout Europe youth unemployment rates are still high. Luckily different researchers and analyst assure us there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to a study by Incomes Data Services, UK employers expect to hire 18% more graduates in 2014. A significant increase compared to the 4,3% rise of 2013. As the economy is picking up steam again, it is expected that the demand for young employees will rise again allowing employers to leverage the innovation energy of younger generations.

Despite the positive trend in graduate hires, there is a large supply of graduates looking for a job. The number of graduate applicants per vacancy is still extremely high (on average 60 applicants per vacancy in 2013). A fast growing proportion of employers is utilizing new recruiting technologies such as video interviewing, in order to deal with these high numbers of candidates, especially in the area of graduate recruiting. Therefore graduates should prepare themselves for a high likelihood to present themselves in a video interview. In this blog post we will give you some practical tips and advice to prepare yourself and convince the recruiter that you are the right match for the company and the offered position. Read More

You didn’t get the job and now what?

Please realize that most job vacancies would have more then one applicant, so the likelihood of not getting the job is so much higher then that of landing the job. For some candidates it only takes one or two chances while others have to fire off loads of applications. At the same time, we all like to be #1 and you have every right to regret the fact that you did not get this job. The question is what you have learned form the experience and how you can best apply this to your next application? New technologies like video interviewing may make it easier though to show more of yourself then just a resume and show the person behind the education and professional experience. So how do you cope with a rejection in the application process? We will give you 4 tips that will hopefully help you to use your experience to your advantage so you may just land a dream job with your next application. Read More

Cultural fit

Selecting the right employer to fit you!

In our previous blog we talked about the fact that employers are increasingly looking at personality and cultural fit when recruiting new talent. At the same time, with the pressure (or excitement) of finding a new job, many candidates tend to forget that it is equally important to look critical at the company they are applying for if there is a cultural fit. There is nothing worse then being in a new job to find out that this is not a company where you can feel at home.

We can safely say that we spend a considerable part of our lives at work. Moreover, for most of us work is about much more than just being able to pay your bills. Many of us look for a job that matches our self-identity, offers us a sense of fulfilment and brings us opportunities for personal growth. Since our jobs feeds into many different aspects of our lives, it is important to investigate whether the company’s culture and working environment would also be a good fit with your personality, lifestyle and goals. Hiring processes can be time-consuming and since you can only spend your time once, you will want to get a sense of the company’s culture as early in the process as possible.   Read More

4 reasons why video interviewing will improve your recruitment process

Regardless of the current economic climate, the average number of interviews is increasing as staffing moves more towards temporary staffing and people on average stay shorter in one job. This trend creates several problems and leads to increased pressure on recruitment process efficiency. In the quest for a more flexible and efficient process, technological developments offer organizations new opportunities in selecting and recruiting talent. The use of online video interviews already provides many enterprises with a solution for the recruitment issues they have to deal with.  Here are 4 reasons why you should consider using web-based video interviews in your recruitment process. Read More